March 15, 2011

It's Baby Time!

I've been working on putting together a baby boy shower for the last few weeks. I did a lot of internet image searching for inspiration, then saved all the pics I liked. I want the shower to look professionally done and my goal in every endeavor is a lot of bang for my buck.

I made a list of all my possible ideas and then my next step was to hit up every craft store in my area. Over the past few weeks I've checked prices on each decorating possibility, at each store, and then looked online to quadruple check for good deals.

I've been really inspired by these images. 
Image from
image from

Things I love include the cohesive color scheme, simple and classic platters, the banner,  minimal food choices that look amazing and yummy, and the small details that make this look over the top.

So I adopted these starting points and made a color scheme of navy and turquoise with pops of golden yellow. I developed a theme, it will be "a star is born". Made some smart menu choices that will mimic the look of my inspiration tables. Then went crazy at the craft stores buying the best priced items I could find.

One of the most important choices you can make is decorations. I pulled my inspiration from this  baby girl's shower photo.

image from

 I cannot wait to make my own Martha Stewart inspired "puffs" for over the table! She has a full tutorial on her website. I founf colored tissue paper that make each "poof" or "puff" only a dollar!

You may be noticing a theme from my inspiration photos. They all hail from a fantastic website that provides ideas for every budget.

I can't wait to post updates on this topic. I will be working on the banner and gift bags this week.

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