February 26, 2020

Chunky Farmhouse Pine Table & Touring Orsanmichelle in Florence

Right behind our AIRBNB in Florence there's the famous OrsanMichelle church. It's most famous for it's exterior stone carvings done by the world famous Donatello. Donatello kicks off the pre-rennaisance in Florence by combining church art with Roman and Greek stone carving techniques. The results are like this St George in the short video we shared to facebook! Take a look!

I have a great project for you all, because EVERYONE is always asking me how to age PINE... and we NOW have the perfect product for that!! Weatherwood PINING stain will give pine gorgeous mix of grays and browns colors!  This handmade, hand scraped chunky pine table provides the perfect canvas!! Check it out-


  • Unstained furniture piece (can be new wood or stripped, this is made from PINE scraps.)
  • Sand paper and palm sander
  • Wood Stain: Pining from Weatherwood


1.] SAND: Begin with either new wood or strip previously finished tabletop. Start with a rough grit with a 120 grit.

2.] STAIN: Brush on 2-1 coats of Weatherwood Pining stain to weather pine to a pretty grey brown color. Brush on and allow product to air dry natural.

3.] PROTECT: Seal the table with 2-3 coats of Weatherwood Varnish.

If you'd like to see more furniture makeovers with this color scheme, here's a gorgeous Nautical Desk Makeover! [link]

Piece of pie, piece of cake! You can save 10% on your first Weatherwood order with code: WELCOME10. I hope to see you tomorrow at our party! 

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