January 22, 2020

Purchase Unfinished Furniture for Staining

If you guys know, Bre from Rooms for Rent, then you know her style is fabulous! So we were thrilled to send her a quart of stain to try out.  Here's what Bre had to say!

I love the “weathered wood” look, but sometimes that can get pricey. So I focused my attention on finding on unfinished side table that I could stain myself. I’ve mixed stains before, layered stains, tried the “diy” stain, the only problem I have with those methods is consistency. It’s never guaranteed that your finished look will be like the one you did before. Especially understanding that different types of wood soak in stain differently, and even though you are using the same exact method you get a completely different outcome. Here’s what the table top looked like out of the boxing. It’s an unfinished table, and not I did not sand the table before I started. LOL, blame it on laziness I guess!

Weathered Wood Stain | Rooms FOR Rent Blog
I worked with Weatherwood Stains on this project. I was so in love with their product, they sent me some stain to try out for myself. They were super helpful in helping me choose which stain was right for my project. They have different variations of weathered stain, keeping in mind not all wood is created equal. So if you are considering it I would definitely chat with one of their representatives. I would have ended up picking the wrong stain if I hadn’t.
Since I was working with unfinished pine, they sent me their Pining Reactive Stain. This is also great for pine lumber freshly bought from the store, which we use for a lot of our projects as well.
I started applying the stain to the table, and below you can see what it looks like going on wet. At first I was nervous, but I remembered watching some of the videos Weatherwood had shared on Instagram of the drying process, so I waited patiently πŸ™‚
Weathered Wood Stain | Rooms FOR Rent Blog
Weathered Wood Stain | Rooms FOR Rent Blog
I stained the entire table before assembling. Like I mentioned before, I didn’t sand any of it, and the stain had no problem soaking in.

Weathered Wood Stain | Rooms FOR Rent BlogBelow you can see the table top as the stain dries. I wanted to give you some examples in case you try it and get worried. When it dries it starts looking uneven, but I promise you once it’s complete it’s a nice even finish.

Weathered Wood Stain | Rooms FOR Rent Blog
You can seal the wood with their Dead Flat Varnish, which holds the color.

You can save 10% on Weatherwood products, like you saw here, with code WELCOME10. I hope to see you at tomorrow's party!

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