December 13, 2019

The Most Beautiful Cemetery - Pisa

Tower of Pisa is made up of several buildings, the leaning Tower, the Cathedral and the last two buildings we visited were the Cemetery πŸ’€and the Baptistry. πŸ’¦  This cemetery boasts being the most beautiful in the world! πŸŒŽ

The cemetery is so ornate and was filled with Pisan frescoes. Though they are not in great shape these days, you can still see scenes from Dante’s inferno! πŸ”₯ πŸ˜ˆ  This is how the gospel was related to those who couldn't read.

Back in the day people, when the Catholic Church was young, people were not allowed in the cathedral until they were first baptized. ⛪️ The round building houses the baptismal font where adults were baptized by immersion.

Each building is so unique, yet it all ties together. It makes for such a dramatic view!

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