December 18, 2019

Refinished Maple Dresser

Today is Zack and my 18th Anniversary! I can't believe how the time has flown. I feel like no time has passed, except for how our love grows and grows. I think that not having kids, creates this sort of permanent date for he and I. You hardly realize how time is flying until you hang out with your friends' kids. The you remember, you're old! Ha!
Todays post is from my friend, Chelsea, from Apple Blossom Way. She is so talented, you're going to love her work!



1.] SAND : Presand wood with 80 grit, if you want a finer sand you can sand up to 120 without worrying about closing up the grain again.

2.] STAIN: I used Weatherwood Reclamation stain to naturally weather the slab. Just brush on the stain and let it air dry. The wood changes color as it dries. 

If you slab isn't maple, that's fine. Just find your wood species on the Weatherwood Color Chart and see what weathered colors it could turn.

3.] SEAL: Use Weatherwood Varnish to seal over Weatherwood stains. Brush or spray on 2-3 coats for superior protection.

You can save 10% on Weatherwood products, like you saw here, with code WELCOME10. I hope to see you at tomorrow's party!

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