March 20, 2019

Weathered Beams & Apostle St. Andrew in Amalfi Coast

The incredible final resting place of the Apostle Andrew, in the tiny town of Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast. Duomo Di Amalfi towers above the small Amalfi square. You can see the duomo dwarfs the rest of the square, looking up these grand squares. This footage is mostly from the upper portion of the duomo, which was built in 900 AD!

Once you walk up this tall stairway, you are greeted by these impressive, tall bronze doors. I love the gold mosaics and these doors feature scenes from the apostles ministry.

Inside you are wowed by the pillars and floors decorated with intricate marble inlay. The ceilings are decorated with art from the apostle's ministry. What you don't see here are the throngs of people. We wait quite a awhile to get photos without people in them, these sites are bustling with tourists.

Unfortunately the crypt was closed while we were there. That's usually the most finely decorated space. 

Like I mentioned, Duomo di Amalfi is in the town of Almafi, on the Amalfi coast. We were there on a wicked windy day, but the terraced towns were still stunning. I hope to return on a summer day.

For this week's project, we will turn raw beams into a weathered wood dream! These were made of oak, but the tutorial will work for any species.



You want to make sure the wood grain is open and ready for stain. In this case, the wood was textured or circle sawn, which means you pay a mill to add a texture to the wood. It also means you don't have to sand. If you wood is neither textured or rough sawn, you will want to sand with 80 grit, then 120 before staining.

After sanding- you can apply a heavy coat of  Weatherwood Stains' Light Oaking StainDo not wipe off- allow wood to absorb stain. This timelapse video condensed 30 minutes into a few seconds. You're gonna love watching it! It looks so cool-- the gray just sort of appears out of nowhere. You can see that I applied a heavy coat of stain and then the wood does the rest. [Do NOT ever wipe Weatherwood Stains off!]

We use Weatherwood Maintenance Oils to tone the color. White Oil to LIGHTEN or Clear Oil to DARKEN. First, shake very well! Wipe on the maintenance oil white with a clean white rag. Rub the oil into the wood and make sure there's no streaks. After 3-5 minutes the wood has absorbed all the topcoat it can. Use a CLEAN white rag to remove any excess from the wood. Allow the table (project) to set for 12-48 hours. Do not touch!

4.] SEAL 

To seal the use Weatherwood Stain's Varnish and decide how much sheen you want. This is Satin Varnish and it's applied the same way as normal varnish, either brush it on or spray it on. Applying up to three coats for the best protection.  

If you're looking for other projects using Light Oaking, check out how we replicated DIY Restoration Hardware Reclaimed Gray Oak Table. The Light Oaking is simply gorgeous and so easy to use. I'd love to see your Weatherwood projects. Don't forget, readers save 10% with code; WELCOME10

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