November 14, 2018

Maple Slab Table & We're in Rome!

Hey friends! Well, somehow we made it to Rome. The trip took 18 hours due to some delays along the way, but no worries- we're in one piece and look at this place! We are in Rome for only three days and then we will be moving to the southern Italy. This Air BNB has a double rooftop terrace, one on each side, both are long and this one is also wide.

Here you can see the  brightly colored and beautifully detailed buildings from the smaller terrace. I still have to get you some photos of the carved wooden doors here. They're breathtaking.

And a pic from our Sunday brunch, Americano style with steak and eggs. 

Finally, this magnificent sunset that lit the sky like an radiant amber dome and set the terracotta buildings off glowing! I will for sure share when we get to our next spot. In the meantime, you're prrbably looking for a project...

Staining maple is not a problem with Weatherwood products, as you can see. Just apply stains and let them air dry! So this is a great project to update old maple, like your old table or flooring, and bring it into the 21st century! 


  • Maple 
  • Sand 80, 120, 320


Sanded with 80, then a120 grit.

Remove all the dust. Using a dustless sander can help with this. Now they are ready for stain. 

Apply a heavy coat of  Weatherwood Stains' Reclamation wood stain. Do not wipe off- allow wood to absorb stain. This time-lapse video condensed 30 minutes into a few seconds. You're gonna love watching it! It looks so cool-- the gray just sort of appears out of nowhere. You can see that I applied a heavy coat of stain and then the wood does the rest. Full dry time is 60 minutes.


We used allowed with Weatherwood Stains' Polyurethane Topcoat to lock in the wood color. We buffed the topcoat, to create a smooth, flawless surface. Now the floors will never need ongoing maintenance or care. They're ready to enjoy for a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I would love to help you get the perfect wood floor.
One more thing, if you're looking to achieve this color on your OAK, you will want to use this stain: Weatherwood Stain's Light Oaking.

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