October 11, 2017

French Country Coffee Table Tutorial

French Country Coffee Table with #weatherwoodstains

I like to share with you guys the idea of buying a raw piece of furniture, brand new, and customizing it. I feel like this is the perfect option in a few scenarios. When want a high-end look you don't want to pay for, when you really want solid-wood furniture, you can't find something you like in stores. Once you buy that raw piece of furniture, go to blogs to find the look you like and how to achieve it!

This piece was solid, raw pine, Quaker made in the USA. So here's how to achieve this gorgeous French Country Coffee Table!


  • Pine furniture piece (can be new wood or stripped, as long as it's raw pine.)
  • Sand paper and palm sander


French Country Coffee Table with #weatherwoodstains

1.] SAND
Begin by sanding the wood top, that way the wood will easily accept the stain and create a good pallet to begin your work. Start with a rough grit, like 80, and finish with a 120 grit. 

2.] STAIN 
Once the wood has been stripped or sanded back down to raw, you can stain it using Weatherwood Stain's Reclamation stain. You'll see in the above time-lapse, the color change is subtle and is pretty similar to Restoration Hardware's "Natural" color. 
Tip: The result is this pretty tan color you see below (left). If you're looking for more of a gray color (right) use Weatherwood Stain's "Pining."

One of my favorite things about Kendra, beside her being a mommy of 3!, is that she's a renter! Can you believe it? It shows that you can make any space your own. 




You'll want to use a one step furniture paint if you're furniture piece needs painted. That way you can paint over any old or new surface. This is Pearl 1-Step Furniture Paint in Brite.

French Country Coffee Table with #weatherwoodstains

6.] SEAL: Apply a wax or varnish seal coat to protect the piece. Now you need to seal the wood top. 

If you used chalk paint you will need to seal the base as well. In this case, it would be easiest to seal the entire piece with furniture wax. Softer waxes, like Annie Sloan's seem to darken the Weatherwood stained wood. Cheaper furniture waxes like Johnson's and Johnson's do the best.

French Country Coffee Table with #weatherwoodstains

French Country Coffee Table
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If you'd like more pine projects, here's a  Lovely Weathered Pine Bench project! 
Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2bLovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b

Hope you have a wonderful week. Hope to see you at the party tomorrow!

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