September 27, 2017

Reclaimed Ash Sliding Barndoor

This barn door was made from reclaimed wood, but we still used Weatherwood stains to make it look old. That might not make sense to you. But when you cut into old reclaimed or barn  wood, the vintage look disappears and you have brand new-looking wood, again! For that reason, a lot of reclaimed wood distributors use these stains to give their reclaimed wood a reclaimed look! lol



If you need to purchase an unfinished ash barndoor, you can find them at big box stores or you can always DIY it using tutorials like this one [link.] 

If you're handcrafting your barndoor, then make sure to sand with 80 grit to open up the pores, then with 120 grit to smooth it a little. 
If you're purchasing a completed door, especially one that has molding on it, you'll want to use something else. You can purchase denatured alcohol, it's inexpensive and much faster than sanding. It doesn't work quite as well, but it'll do enough. Apply it like you would stain, with a spray gun or paint brush. Make sure the wood is completely dry before staining, or it affect the final color of the stain. 

2.] STAIN 
Once you're wood is dry, which takes about 30 minutes, you're ready to move to the next step. Stain the ash door with Reclamation stain. Just apply the stain and allow it to air dry. 

When the stain is dry (less than a hour) and then you can topcoat the wood. Normally, I would use Weatherwood's varnish which would dry clear and minimally change the woods color. But the homeowner wanted to warm the color up, so we used Clear Maintenance Oil to do that.Just brush on and wipe off any excess.

Allow the Clear Maintenance Oil to cure 24 hours before touching and 48 hours before heavy use. Once the oil is dry, you can buff the finish to create a sheen or leave it alone for a ultra matte finish. 

Don't you love the oversized look of this door? It's massive!

Absolutely drool worthy! Now this reclaimed wood has the reclaimed wood look! Now you know, these stains can give reclaimed or new wood the look. I'm feeling like every home needs at least one of these.

 If you loved the color of the this project, but you're looking for another idea, here's a gorgeous reclaimed Ash table with a similar wood treatment! Industrial Ash Farmhouse Table: link

If you loved the idea of sliding barndoors, but you want something a little grayer,  I have the perfect tutorial for you! Check out this post on how to turn brand new wood into Reclaimed Gray Sliding Barn Doors: link.

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