October 5, 2016

DIY Restoration Hardware Manchinto Gray Oak Finish

Oh friends, I have just had the time of my life in NY this past month. We just barely left and rolled into Boston this weekend. I know I've mentioned it before, but it's where I'm from and I haven't bee back since I got married nearly 15 years ago. Now Zack and I will be here for a month and I can finally show him all the amazing sites. If you like American History, or sports,... or food, it's one  best cities to visit. 
Create this beautiful Manchinto Gray oak finish from RH Modern in 2 easy steps! 
All you'll need is...white oak and Reclamation and some Maintenance Oil Clear topcoat. What are you waiting for? Isn't it time you get the RH look at a price you can actually afford?  



1.] WOOD: Here's how you can get the look, first make sure you begin with sanded white oak. 80 grit sandpaper will do the best job.

2.] STAIN: Use a wide paint brush to apply Weatherwood's Reclamation stain. The stain is reactive, so apply a heavy coat and allow the wood to absorb it. As the wood dries, it will turn colors.
You'll see what I mean in the above timelapse. We stained both sides of the door, even though this is going to be used as a headboard. 

3.] TOPCOAT: Once the wood is dry it will be dark, but with a blue or purple undertone. You will need to topcoat it to fix that. You have to apply Weatherwood Clear Maintenance Oil. Just wipe or brush on and wipe off. Apply per the video above or the bottle's directions.

Super duper easy peasy and makeover and way easier than layering coat after coat of stains and paints to mimic the look of Restoration Hardware. This way, just create it yourself. 

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