March 29, 2016

Shark Tank Video & Moving to "2nd Round"

Hey ya'll!  As many of you remember, Zack and I auditioned Weatherwood for Shark Tank last summer. At the time of our audition, things went really well. At least we felt like they did. You can catch all those #dets here, if you missed it the first time.

Many of you have inquired how the Shark tank process has been going went, and I really thank you for that! It makes an entrepreneur feel amazing to have friends and family there for your successes (and failures). You guys rock! The thing is-- we were actually NOT allowed to tell people we were moved forward in the audition process! Thankfully, the vow of silence can now be broken, and I can finally fill you in.

So if you jump back in time with me, our audition was on a Saturday. We were told we would hear back within 30 days, if we gonna make the cut. So the very next Monday, we received a phone call back! Zack and I were elated. We jumped up and down and high-fived, all that good stuff! The casting agent said she liked us, our product, and was interested in seeing more! Booyah! And just like that we were moved to round 2! #round2

We were asked to put together a background video- and we may have gotten a little carried away at this part. But I'm a creative person and this is what us creatives do! And, as of today, we allowed to share the previously top secret video with you guys! I'm dying to hear what you think about it!

Here's a few pics from our shoot:

Thanks again, for all your support. Love you guys! 
(If you're new here, I hope you'll follow along for more crazy adventures!)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Tania! I'm so so glad you liked it! xoxo

  2. We loved your video, Becca. Even showed the neighbor. Good luck! Hope to see you on TV!

    1. Thank you so much! We have been running around like crazy, but I think it will all pay off! xo

  3. Love your video Becca! I'm going to post it everywhere.


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