March 2, 2016

Rustic Live Edge Walnut Slab

Heart. The beating drum pumping life blood into all living organisms. Even wood! What you are witnessing above is the heart of a Walnut tree. I know this, because when my stain hits the heart of any tree, you see a beautiful purple hue. 

The first I time learned about heart wood, I had sold Weatherwood for a kitchen job on a Parade of Homes home. The cabinet shop called me up and asked me kind of crazy brew I was making. At the time, I took the rump chewing in stride, all the while thinking, "Brew..." 'I love that name. I'm going to name my stain, Brew Which Stains.' Though my company isn't called Brew and  I have yet to find a designer who truly appreciates this look, I am always awestruck by the fact that a tree has heart grain. Does this mean that trees can love? I like to think so, but until I can prove it, all I can do is demo the heart. Enjoy the heart, cut out of some poor walnut true... who may or may not have been in love.  


  • Weatherwood Stains' Salvage Stain
  • New stain- not yet for sale from Weatherwood!
  • Sandpaper
  • Large Paint Brush


  • Sand the slab with 80 grit sandpaper. We sent this through a giant sander, that did the entire thing at once! Now if I could just get one of those for my DIY projects!
  • Drench the wood in stain and allow it to dry naturally. 
Check out the tutorial in the video above!

This little project was worked up for some of our clients. We got the chance to work with a mill, named Westgate, in Cali. They asked sell these gorgeous live edge slabs and we were itching to get our hands on some. 
Above you can see my Weatherwood Stains' "Salvage" wood stain.  Usually in these posts, I show you how to use the Reclamation, but on Walnut, even heart walnut, that would have turned the wood an inky black. Here, you can see the walnut stained with my Salvage stain. Look at the gorgeous variation in the grain. 

The gray on the above slab hasn't been released yet, it hasn't even been named yet. I'm not..quite..done..with it yet. What do you think?

I've been working up some new colors like crazy. In fact, we I've just released something I call "Pining" that will work well on Pine and other low-price & coincidentally, low tannin woods. That one I know for a fact you will love! See you tomorrow at the party!

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