March 9, 2016

DIY Restoration Hardware Modern's Black Oak Finish

You know I love me some Restoration Hardware, I mean, what girl doesn't right? So their new RH Modern line is so exceptional. I noticed this gorgeous finish and realized how easily you can get that look with Weatherwood. So I'm here to help all you RH sisters out. I mean, it's hardly fair that they exclude 99 out of a 100 of us on price alone. This is me, helping my fellow ladies out. Create this beautiful RH Modern black oak finish in 3 easy steps! 
Ironically, all you'll need is...white oak and Reclamation #1 and some maintenance oil topcoats. What are you waiting for? Isn't it time you get the RH look at a price you can actually afford?  



If you're a video person, you can watch the one above. The only thing missing is the final step- I'm so sorry but I didn't have time to record it. Just scroll down to step 4 when the video is over.

Here's how you can get the look:

1.] WOOD: Make sure you begin with sanded white oak. 80 grit sandpaper will do the best job.

2.] STAIN: Use a wide paint brush to apply Weatherwood's Reclamation stain. The stain is reactive, so apply a heavy coat and allow the wood to absorb it. As the wood dries, it will turn colors.

3.] TOPCOAT: Once the wood is dry it will be dark, but with a blue undertone. You will need to topcoat it to fix that. You have two choices. You can easily achieve the look you see above. If you want the wood to turn dark black but keep the wood grain, just seal it with white oil, polyurethane, lacquer, or varnish. Apply per the bottles directions.

If you're looking to accent the wood grain with white, and get a very similar look to RH photo above, I've got you covered. Just follow the next 2, easy steps. We are going to apply Weatherwood's Maintenance Oil CLEAR, this will remove the blue from the stained white oak. Use two rags, one to apply the product and one to buff it into the wood's surface. (See the above video for help).

4.] Last step: Apply Weatherwood's Maintenance Oil WHITE as your final step. After the maintenance oil is dry you can the the white oil. This will create the highlights to the wood grain. It's the same application process. Use a clean rag to wipe product on and immediately follow with a second clean rag to buff off any excess.

Doesn't it look like a thousand bucks? Questions? Lemme know how I can help. This is an easy look to achieve when you have the right tools and I'm happy to help!

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