June 16, 2014

Book Page Wreath Tutorial

Today we have a blast from the past! I started blogging in 2011 and, well, I pretty much sucked. I mean, I was still figuring things out (to say the least!) I made this pretty little book page wreath, but the images were such a poor quality! I thought I'd share it today along with it's current location, on the frame-turned-chalkboard I made last fall. 
You can create this wreathe, too, with a glue gun, a styrofoam wreathe form and an old book. 


  1. Pull the pages out of an old book.
  2. Fold or roll the pages, depending on the look you're after
  3. Use a glue gun to attach the pages rolled/folded to the styrofoam wreath form. *With the glue gun you should always bring a new set of fingers, since you will burn yours right off. lol Seriously, I always use a utensil, like an old knife, to hold the pages to the form while the glue cools a little.
  4. Use a paper clip to form a hook and push it into the top of the wreath form.
That is seriously all there is to it. Project total cost: 5.50 (wreath $5, book $.50, glue previously owned)

This wreath has hung up around my house for three years now. I've had it on mirrors and chalkboards and  both are so pretty. Not a lot of pieces make it that long, so it was worth re-sharing! 

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