March 3, 2014

Lathe-Turned Wooden Drawer Pulls

Life keeps on taking many turns! I went from being a social worker, to getting an MBA. Often, my life reminds me of that soap opera, "As the World Turns" and though my life is not nearly as dramatic as the show, I find that saying to be true, which is why, I'm naming this post, "As the Lathe Turns." 

In this episode Nobby will be created from a raw piece of wood and turned into a perfect nob. I'll stain the nob with my own personally crafted wood stain and give Nobby life. Next, I'll fix it to the drawer and give it a happy life until one day, tragedy strikes and it gets amnesia from the cat rubbing up against it. "Stain" tuned for the next episode and see what happens next! 

As I've gotten into wood stain, I've also developed an interest into woodworking, as well. I am still a major novice, so these knobs were 99.9% made by someone far more capable than I. The tutorial would be of no use, anyhow, without the lathe. It looks something like this video below.


  • Knobs
    • Wooden Block & Lathe 
    • or Premade wooden knobs
  • Wood Stain: I used this weathering wood stain
  • Screw to attach the knob to the drawer

    These knobs are really beautiful up close, you can see the end grain stripes in the pic above. I love how it compliments the wooden tops of the tables I made last year. They're Restoration Hardware Zinc Knock Off end tables. I like them so much better now, than with the original knobs I had on them.
    I promised to share little updates on my business. I got my LLC organized with a little help from my professor, Tom Peterson. Thanks to him, I was put in touch with Travis Wilson, my lawyer! We should be incorporated just in time for a big 60 gallon sale that I'll talk more about in a few days.
    Thanks for stopping by! 
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