February 24, 2014

DIY Restoration Hardware Chalkboard Roller Map

Aten-hut! All blogger-readers stand at attention! Orient your eyes at the military chalkboard below. You will read the following post and execute instructions with military precision. Dismissed. I've always wanted to wear a uniform and shout instructions. Just kidding.

I'm much more of a business woman. On that note, I've got big news!! This week I not only sanded my little fingers off, making wood samples, recorded a new instructional video for my product, but I've also made a sale!! Well, we haven't delivered product yet, so I'll fill you in next week once things are finalized.

This week's project is inspired by this little beaut from my fav- Restoration Hardware. The Military Chalkboard World is on sale for the low, low price of $539, I say dripping with sarcasm! Anyways, I had the thought that if it were hung from the window, it could provide a blackout light for people visiting. Then I realized if I used a roller blind, then my knock off could actually roll, just like their version.


  • Roller Blind, Chalkboard Paint, Map, Tracing Paper, Chalk Pen, Scissors, Marker, Paper


  1. Unroll the blinds and paint them with chalkboard paint. Allow to dry overnight or longer.
  2. Trace map onto blank paper using tracing paper.
  3. Cut out countries and use chalk pen to trace them.
That's all there is to it. I'd say it took, maybe, three hours. But that was in part due to the trial and error of figuring out the best way to work it out. 

Here's a couple of other projects that may interest you in the bedroom:

I can't wait to check in next week and fill you in on all the news! It has been incredible to start my own business and try to launch this awesome grey stain
And wasn't it fun to hear from our new contributors this week? I cannot wait to see the this blog continue to grow.

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