November 12, 2013

Hand-Turned Wooden Vase

from gardners 2 bergers

I love, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." It's one of my all time favorite movies. Near the end, when the knight asks Dr. Jones to choose a cup, he tells him to, "Choose wisely." For some reason, when I choose poorly, I hear the knight say, "You have chosen, poorly." Just like this;

Though I've never been asked to choose the holy grail, this project reminds me of the knight asking me choose wisely. My friend, and fellow MBA, John Harris turned a plain piece of Russian Olive wood into a cup that looks like well- like the Holy Grail.

from gardners 2 bergers
After dipping the freshly shaved wood in my wood stain, Weatherwood Stains-Reclamation, it quickly looked aged- like it was a thousand years old! Though I haven't the tools to turn the wood, you can plainly see my part. Doesn't that wood look so cool? Aren't those pattern in the wood grain crazy? Look at how the rings react to the stain differently.
from gardners 2 bergers
I love that this piece is one of a kind, totally unique piece of decor that feels 100% mine! Hopefully, none of you feel as though I've chosen poorly.  Follow on Bloglovin
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