October 28, 2013

How to Paint Brass Lamps

I love lamp. It's like this clip... 

Looking at the lamps, what can I say? I love them! Only they're always so ugly, so rather than leave these lamps as bare as the Mojave Desert, I've decided to prime them, sand them, paint them, shade them, and give life to these barren, brass fellows. Please enjoy the Oasis I've created. 
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I found a couple of brass lamps at DI (Deseret Industries= like the Salvation Army) ages ago, I mean maybe two summers ago? Long enough that I can't even find the right before pics. (sorry!!) But these lamps were just your basic brass and now they're totally minty-radness!

 How to Paint Brass Lamps

  1. Prime with Kilz or Metal Primer
  2. Sand lightly with 320 grit sandpaper
  3. Spray paint your lamp, 2-3 very light coats
  4. Clear coat the lamp with whichever finish you choose
Such an easy project with a fun punch of color!
 I love having a pop of mint in the room. For around 20 bucks each you can do the same thing- create a brand new (looking) lamp that matches your decor exactly and aren't those 70's style lams fun? 
Oh-and PS the lampshade is from Wal-Mart, (I know, Wal-Mart- but I do like them) but also they had nearly identical ones from Target, too.  And they were only 5-7 more dollars. For my mini-makeover I used Krylon's Catalina Mist, it's a perfectly-lovely-mint color, very light green, without much yellow.
Thanks for checking out the little updates around my house! What have you spray painted lately?
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  1. love it, becca! the color is stunning!

  2. The color is so beautiful!:) Great idea to check out Wal-Mart for lamp shades. :)

  3. What's wrong with Walmart??? Sorry but Walmart has some great decorating and household goods. If someone can shop at Goodwill or Salvation Army then Walmart is a step up.
    Love your blog Becca and I know the comment was for the viewers and does not relate to you.

    1. Haha- You are so right, Mandy! I have no problem with it!! I'll always choose the cheapest option that gives me the look I'm after! I LOVE that you know that about me!!
      Thanks for saying "Hi" today, Mandy!!

  4. I love how you've managed to make something as outdated as a brass lamp look so new and gorgeous. Wonderful!

  5. Looks awesome!! Love that color too!

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  7. i have had some some useless barren brass lamps in my home, after learning how to paint i have beautifully painted them and placed them in my living area. i am so pleased as they look so attractive now.

  8. Make sure you use that Kilz primer in a well ventilated area..we almost took a trip to ER one time because it was over 90 degrees and we didn't want to open up and let all the humidity in. Use Zinsser after that experience..like it much better. When you say you sand the lamp with fine sandpaper..how much sanding and how does one know when they have sanded enough? What is the purpose of sanding after you've used a primer like Kilz? I thought that would be the purpose of the primer. I see a lot of nice lamps at my favorite thrift store and they test every lamp that is donated and put on a tag telling you it had been tried/tested to make sure it works..I think the hardest job would be choosing the correct shape and size of lampshade..or it has been for me. Maybe somebody will do a tuitorial on that subject.

  9. love this looks so much better than brass and do lv that color good job

  10. love this looks so much better than brass and do lv that color good job

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