October 21, 2013

DIY Number 2 Eraser Stamps

Stamp, bamp, damp, ba, da, da, damp! Put 'em on your hand, put 'em on your face, no matter where you place a stamp, it makes you feel great! Kindergarden was such a magical place, it made me feel so special! My teacher used to give out gold star stamps when we were on our best behavior. I never actually got one, which is why I decided to do this post in the first place. Now I have stamps all over my face, my husband's face, my arms, his arms, my hands, his hands, and pretty much everything I could stamp with my new triangle eraser stamps. Now, as I sit her stamping everything I can, I have only to show you in a few simple steps the gold ink pass to glory! Enjoy! 


Number 2 Pencils, Exacto Knife, Flour Sack Towels, Fabric Paint

How to Create Eraser Stamps:

  1. Use Exacto knife (or similar) to cut triangle shapes into your eraser
  2. Cut around the perimeter of the triangle to remove excess eraser 
  3. Lay down cardboard and place your towel on top of it, use fabric paint to imprint triangles into your flour sack towels

I love a quick and easy project, something that personalizes your space and only takes a minute! I used the same towels when I took these photos from last month's post- aren't they so fun? 

And don't forget this post- 

Well- that's all there is from me this week.
Except for these goodies I posted in Instagram! Have you caught up with our travels? We left Washington and are making our way to FLORIDA!

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