September 23, 2013

Doing "Dipped Wood" Right- from Pretreating to Sealing

How to DIY dipped wooden spoons

Before we begin today's blog, I'd like to conduct a little experiment. Go ahead and pull your wooden spoons or your wooden spatulas out of your drawer. 

Once you get them set up on your counter, go ahead and throw a few words out there that describe your kitchen utensils. Go on friend- You go first, then I'll go. No seriously, go ahead!  OK, we'll go at the same time. 
Ready.... One... Two... Three... 

Were your words the same as mine? If so, check out what I did to those ugly, plain, poo utensils to make them snap, crackle, and pop! Well, even if you didn't have the same words as mine, you can go ahead and scroll down. 
How to DIY dipped wooden sppons

I'm going to show you how to do the dipped wooden spoon, but I'm also going to show you how to do it so that your paint doesn't chip right off. That involves treating the wooden and using a food safe sealant, 3 easy steps to doing dipped wood right! Sound good?

Pretreat with Linseed oil

Your first step to getting a great paint finish is to rub a light coat of linseed oil all over your wood using a clean cloth. This application applies to wooden spoons, but it would also work on furniture. Linseed oil comes from the boiled linseed and is non-toxic, a.k.a. safe for the kitchen.
(PS-Even though this pic has spoons already painted, you should do the linseed oil first!)

How to DIY dipped wooden sppons

To paint your wooden spoons go ahead and tape off the handle however you want, you can do plain lines like I did or a pattern. 
Next you should use a sponge brush to apply the paint, I used 3-4 THIN coats of paint, allowing 10 minutes of dry time between coats. I also used 12 different colors of paint because I wanted a "bouquet" of wooden spoons at the end!
Or- you can actually dip the spoon in paint, I recommend using a baggy with paint in it to dip. Then you need to hang the spoons to dry.  

How to DIY dipped wooden sppons

Make sure the oil is dry, I like to wait about 24 hours, then you can seal them. Zinsser Shellac is a great finish for kitchen items. However, it's not the best sealer for every project because it is yellowing, it is great for this one. Spray a very light coat on each side, 2 coats at most. It doesn't layer very well.

How to DIY dipped wooden sppons

Shellac takes longer to dry than other sealers, no touching or moving them for 24-48 hours.

How to DIY dipped wooden sppons

I love the vase full of happy colors, it's like a permanent bouquet for the kitchen!

How to DIY dipped wooden sppons

There's nothing like a pop of color in the kitchen, or in a photo! I actually showed you just this one painted spoon two weeks ago, when I showed you guys how to use a knife, an eraser and paint into your own Fabric Designed Towels!
Doing "Dipped Wood" Right- from Pretreating to Sealing

Thanks for popping in, friends!
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