September 9, 2013

Create Textured [French] Canvas Art

Thought I would share a little French conversation I had with a Frenchman today. 
  • Me: "Bonjour, mon nom est Bec, et votre nom est?" This reads, Hello, my name is Bec, and your name is? 
  • French Guy:  "Mon nom est Français Frank, et vous êtes un Américain stupide!"
  • Me: "I love your french accent, it just sounds so..."
  • Husband: "I only took a year of French, but I think he just called us stupid Americans.
  • Me: "Ahhh..."
Back at the Bat Cave, I typed in "stupide", which returned, stupid, and of course, it was easy to pick up American. I love Google Translate, it gives you so much power of the foreign speakers. No longer can they hide in their tower of babble and mock us non babble speakers. Anyway, I was trying to make some cool French art, and that was the whole reason for talking to Frenchy Frank in the first place. Try as I might, I couldn't make these signs look good with, "Américain stupide!" 
So I just went with a French poem I thought read, "I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow," but who knows?... Google translate can't translate this, so,  maybe it says, "Your an idiot for not being able to read this in French." 
Have you ever seen the original before? I sort of love it! 

I had a better "before" image than this one above.
A photo that actually shows you how to apply the texture, however-- when my computer crashed last month, that was one of the casualties. So you and I will both have to deal with it. So bare with me, use your imagination and rip a newspaper into strips. Then I use Mod Podge to apply the newspaper to a canvas. I purchased mine from Michael's, they have great sales there on. I applied the newspaper so that there was intentional texture on the canvas, making sure to cover the entire thing.
Then-- I  this recipe for DIY chalkboard paint and I've been really happy with the results each time I've used it.

From there-- it was super easy, just tape of lines to keep your writing straight and, using stencils, fill in your letters. I used chalkboard paint markers to fill in the letters and was super pleased with the coverage. Plus, I kind of like knowing I can get a clean slate at any time just by washing the canvas! 

Don't you just loooove when you custom make something for a specific place in your home, but when it's completed you realize something is just off? I started out with the canvas art on our printer's cabinet, next to the TV.  But it felt a little small for that space, so I moved it to the kitchen/dining room. Now I don't know what to I took a few pics in both places.

What do you think?
Am I better off with it next to the TV or the cupboard?  Share your thoughts, cause I'm totally lost on this one.
Help me!
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  1. so very cool! love the textured effect!

  2. Cool idea Becca. I love the concept of it next to the cupboard, but I think the canvas might be a bit too wide for that space. It does look good next to the TV though. You'll figure it out, I'm sure! :)

  3. Nice job! Although demain is one word, you might want to stick a hyphen in...


    Love that blue lamp too!

    Happy Monday!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yikes, I'd rather be stupid than mean any day. "Je m'appelle Bec, et comment vous appelez-vous?" French (and a few other languages) translate to "How do you call yourself?" Your translation wasn't wrong, it was just very literal. It's how all people who try to speak another language sound! How can he hate on you for trying! At least you used "votre" which is the formal, polite version of the verb.

  5. I wouldn't like it next to my TV because it would compete for attention every time I watch TV! I like it next to the kitchen cabinet best.

  6. I wouldn't like it next to my TV because it would compete for attention every time I watch TV! I like it next to the kitchen cabinet best.


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