July 8, 2013

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Did you know that we live in a condo? That we are currently renters?

When we moved from a custom built home to this small, two bed+2 bath condo, it was a HUGE adjustment. I'm afraid I took it less then "gracefully."  Before living here, we had a gorgeous house, great paying jobs, we traveled a lot and could mostly buy or do what we wanted.
But we weren't happy. We weren't fulfilled.
We felt stuck.

As time passed things got worse, our jobs seem to have a hold on us. I felt I was living the very meaning of the "daily grind." We became dependent on the income from these jobs, our bills demanded we keep them. It was as though we were being held hostage by our paychecks.

We realized it would take something drastic to break us from this cycle of earning  and spending then earning again. After a year of this unhappiness, we made a gigantic decision to return to school for MBA's. ✴Both of us.✴
We had finally determined that living this way wasn't living at all- meaning that the only way to really feel alive is to grab your passion, your innermost desire, your dream and become it.

It sounds trite, "follow your dreams."
But I truly believe we all have a path we would follow, if money didn't matter. If there were no bills to worry about, if you had all the confidence in the world, if there was no fear- then:
What would you do with your life?
What would you become?

When I decided to put my fears aside and to follow my dreams, I realized I didn't know enough to make them real. That's why I needed to go back to school.
This first year of my MBA has been eye opening. It has been the best decision of my life. I am learning the principles of business, and with them, I will have the tools to push my dreams higher and higher.

In the meantime, I have made this small little nest a "home." I've painted, DIYed, and built myself a place I can now say I love. You and I know, when you look around at the things we have made, with our own two hands, it somehow means something more. 
This space now reflects who I am better than my 'custom built' house did!

As for the future, I have been brewing up the very best product that wood has ever met and fallen in love with.  It's a wood stain that ages and weathers wood in minutes! 
I know what us DIYers need in a good stain-- and it just wasn't on the market. So now I'm listening to my gut, and my gut tells me this stain is so good, it's almost magical!

I can't wait to share my upcoming adventures with you- as I continue to follow my dreams and make them into a reality.  If you want more of my home tour, check it out right ▹ here!

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