July 26, 2013

∙Anthro Hack Wood Cut Wall Art «Free Prints»

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Guess what I got?!? Go on... GUESS?!?!? I tore through a thousand Cracker Jack boxes and found fake tattoos!!! NOT! But I did find these knock off wood cut wall art!-) As many of you know, I'm like that newspaper kid in "Better Off Dead."

I chase coupons down like Elmer Fudd chases down Bugs Bunny to save some dough.

via from Gardners 2 Bergers
So rather than track that "Wascally Wabbitt," I ran Anthropologie down for my, "Two Dollars." I thought I'd save you a little time and a lotta money, by sharing my efforts below. I got my hands on some open source, high quality graphics, which means that you girls will save some sick cash! Check Check out my Anthro Hack Wood Cut wall art and profit from Bec's new "Cracker Jack" prize. Though these fantastic designs are not fake tattoos (and I truly am sorry for that), I promise I'll look into seeing where I can get those for free, too. Until then, enjoy!


CLICK to Download or SIMPLY DRAG 《1 or several》of the images onto your desktop!


CLICK to Download or SIMPLY DRAG 《1 or several》 of the images onto your desktop!
via from Gardners 2 Bergers

The original prints are based on Anthropologie's Wood Cut Wall Art, meticulously crafted, one of a kind prints, by artist Bryan Nash Gill. He is uber talented and his work is developed by inking tree stumps, and pressing relief images-- which translates into one of a kind artwork. 
My reproductions are merely imitations. I used simple photo editing to recreate the look. You can download or grab mine or try your hand at your own. Remember- if you make your own, do not steel Bryan's online jpeg image and edit them. [That's his livelihood and super illegal- eek!!]

via from Gardners 2 Bergers

I made images for you all in several colors of the rainbow, and in 4x6 and 5x7. Don't worry about my logo, the images will be the correct size once you chop my logo off! For mine, I printed it off a 8x10 on cardstock and used my paper cutter to trim it. Then it's ready to frame.

via from Gardners 2 Bergers

Can you believe how easy that is to make? What a nice pop of color! I think I'll give mine a permanent place in my DIY gallery wall

via from Gardners 2 Bergers

Thanks for stopping in and don't forget to grab your own prize!! And PS. Hasn't my mint come in nicely? It's just so pretty! Actually, my basil is blooming right now too! 
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