July 18, 2012

✥ Guest Post: DIY French Label Towel ✥

 Good morning lovelies! Today Heather from Setting for Four - will be here with you all! I asked her to share her DIY project that's sos awesome, it's now on my to-do list!

You guys will love Heather- she is one of my bloggy besties. Truly one of my all time favorite peeps I have met in Blogworld. She's an Army wife and is actually moving to Canada this week, where her and her hubby just bought a new home!  I am super excited to see what they do to it- now that she no longer has to rent {unlike me- *boo.} Heather is totally sincere, super thoughtful, and a great friend! You guys will love getting to know her!


Hello everyone! This is Heather, from Setting for Four, and I blog about creating a home and decor that won't break the bank. Today I am sharing a very easy DIY Sharpie French Label Towel.  This project is one of the most inexpensive and easiest projects I have ever made!

It doesn't even require transfer paper or Citra Solv - just a black permanent marker!  I love that there is no need to buy transfer paper and no mess from using Citra Solv!


Flour Sack kitchen towel, pack of 2 - Mainstays brand, Wallmart

Ultra Fine Point black permanent Sharpie marker

Black and White photocopy of French Chocolate label - I used the 'Cacao Payraud' label from the Graphics Fairy.  There are also many other graphics and labels on this wonderful site to choose from.

2 straight pins


Wash and dry the flour sack towel.

Place photocopy of French label on table, with the printed side facing up (make sure something is under the photocopy to protect your table).

Place towel on top of photocopy.

Pin the towel to the paper in two places to prevent shifting.

Trace the words onto the towel using the sharpie (The towel is see through enough that you can see the black wording underneath.)

That.Is.It!!!   No kidding - you're done!

Because this project uses permanent marker - it won't disappear in the wash!  I have washed mine and the printing didn't wash out or 'bleed' at all.

You could vary this tutorial in so many different ways: use a different color of permanent marker, a picture or other script to customize this to your home!

Make sure you stop by my blog to see another towel idea. Where I share how to turn your children's art into tea towels!


  1. Great idea... thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to give it a try~

  2. I see this happening in my future. I love simple and dramatic crafts like this.

  3. Awww Becca - you make me blush with your super sweet intro! Thanks so much for letting me be part of your amazing blog today - it is such an honor! It's been absolutely a wonderful experience getting to know you, you have been so supportive, helpful and just an overall funny loveable friend! I may be moving georgraphically but not in blogland so still looking forward to all our awesome chats! Thanks so much for helping me post while I am moving this week - today is day 3 of packing - whew, can't wait for this part to be over!! I hope I can bounce some decorating ideas off you when we get to the point of making it our 'new to us' home our own little nest!

  4. I know what I can use this for!!! THanks so much for the tip.


  5. That is so pretty! And done with a sharpie?? Amazing!

  6. This is simply great! And I was going to ask if it bled in the wash but you answered that already. :)

    Once again thank you for sharing a great idea!!


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