June 27, 2012

✥ Utah Bloggers' Dinner ✥

That's right- you read the title correctly! My dear bloggy friend Lindsay {of Southern Lovely} will be here in Utah for a few weeks. We were plans to do dinner, when were like, "Wait!! What the heck are we thinking?"

Let's invite all our other boggy friends! Then we can all meet, and talk, and laugh and have dinner!!!
So we set a date.
Tuesday, July 10th.

We felt pretty good about that- until we realized the only thing better than a bloggy dinner...
a bloggy dinner with some *swag*!

So there you have it- 
Dinner with us on July 10th!
With swag!

We know you need more details than that- so email one of us if you want to come. 

Becca- { berger.becca@gmail.com }
Lindsay's much more professional looking email! ;-)  { southernlovelyblog@gmail.com }

We had to limit the number of peeps that could come {due to logistical crapola}, so speak up!! Also-we'll be meeting up in the Provo Area- if that helps anyone decide.
Details about our sponsors for the night will be coming soon!

I hope you local gals will be able to come cuz it's gonna be fun!! It has been great getting to know you all online, so I'm really looking forward to meeting you "in real life!"!