June 25, 2012

✥ Reader Feature: Laundry Room Makeover ✥

Happy Monday to all my cute little friends out there! I hope you guys had great weekends- I had family in town AGAIN! I am so lucky and blessed for all these visits- but I am getting very little blogging done. Anyone else having that problem? With all the other fun stuff to do during the summer it's easy to get caught up in the fun of yard sales, pool time, camping, boating, vacations and so on and so on?!

Today's feature will be quick and short. I'm sharing Kim's laundry room makeover. She runs the adorable beachy blog- Sand and Sisal. All her projects are ooze of beachiness, hey make me long for the days the hubs and I lived in Hawaii.

I mean look at this before and after! I love that room- who would have though you could even say that about a laundry room? Not me! ;-) 
I just adore that light fixture- like I have a super big crush on it! I'm also loving how light and airy the room feels, like you may not hate spending time in there doing laundry, say what?!

The thing about Kim is all her projects look like a million bucks- each time she does something you stop and think, "Um, yeah. That could be from the Pottery Barn catalog." She is that good!

You guys will want to stop by Kim's place for the full post and all the dets. She'll tell you about the laundry sorting system she came up with, her item's sources, and even how she retired her not-so-awesome laundry knickname. ;-)

I rounded up a few of this post's tutorials- in case you want to jump right to them.
How to Build Floating Shelves   <  I want to make these!

I hope you guys have a great Monday! Make sure you get out there and enjoy the summer. The weather is supposed to be in the high 90's over here. So hot that I may have to hide inside in the AC and get some more blogging done!