May 23, 2012

✥ Guest Post: Top 20 @ It's So Very Cheri ✥

Good morning friends! Today you can find me at my sweet friend Cheri's-she runs the place over at It's So Very Cheri. 

It's a blog that covers everything from DIY crafts and decor, home projects, recipes, tips and some fun family stuff included. You will love Cheri- she is so incredibly sweet, crazy supportive and extremely focused. My mind boggles at her crazy ability to handle all life throws her way!

Because Cheri lives in Florida, she is always sharing amazing beach-y projects. Here's a few recent ones- so you can see how great she is for yourself!

So stop by and get a little beach inspiration. And make sure you come visit me, too- while you over there! I'm sharing my Top 20 Posts- probably at least a few will be new to some of ya- since I had maybe 6.2 followers when I did some of them! ;-)


  1. That is an awesome round-up! Great job friend!

  2. Becca.....Your top 20! I am so excited! I am totally stopping by so I can add to my pin collection!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Nice top 20! There were a few I had not seen - thanks!


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