January 19, 2012

Monogramed Soap Dispensers [Tutorial]

Know what's missing in that bathroom of yours? Nooo, not an oh too obvious role of toilet paper. Uh-ah, certainly not that ugly, dirty, filthy toilet plunger. Nope sillies, it's a customized hand pump soap dispenser. I have been working on some majorly time consuming projects- as well as dealing with some medical crap with the hubs- so I thought I'd share one last pre-holiday project I'd "pumped" out.

Since there are a zillion people to thank around the holidays I made some monogrammed soap dispenser bottles. I saw a tutorial fromThe Idea Room about a bazillion months ago and saved the link.

Here's what you need:
-Soap Bottle
-Something to help Remove the Label from the bottle {I used Goo Gone}
-Transparency Sheets
-Laser Printer

1] Get the monograms-I browsed the Net for free source monograms. There actually weren't a ton to choose from. You could absolutely make your own- and I would have if I weren't in the pre-Christmas crunch. 
2] Copy and Paste the monograms to a Word doc-Select the Size you want the image to be. Measure your bottle, make sure you know how much blank transparency needs to be under the monogram so the transparency can rest on the bottom of the soap dispenser, keeping the monogram right where you'd like it. See the dashes in the above pic? That's a rough estimate of where my transparency is placed.
3] Print up the transparency-I had my transparencies printed up at Staples-cause I go there for everything, they're cheap! Since I was already printing up a page, I might I have thrown a few "B's" on the page for our own home! May as well fill that sheet, right?
4] Cut out the monogram {leaving the space at the bottom that I just mentioned} and Insert into the bottle- I just curved mine, like shown in the pic, and popped it right in the bottle. I used my little finger to push it  against the front of the bottle.

There you have it, an easy peasy way to show your gratitude!  And, a very nice way to encourage people to wash their filthy little hands.
For anyone wondering- The artichoke tea light holder is from Anthropologie and both soap dishes are from West Elm. 
Now get to pasting, printing, placing, and pumping!