January 12, 2012

Family Tree Word Art [Tutorial]

So, Christmas is the most wonderful time to show your family just how "GANGSTA" you are with DIY. I had to come up with gifts for the type of people who have enough "DOUGH" to buy whatever they need/ want! Perfect time to "SHOW 'EM WHAT YA GOT!" I saw this type of family tree and thought it was just perfect for my family, minus the $50 price tag.

I love how it looks more modern than traditional family tree art- and how from a distance it looks all abstract tree-ish but then up close and personal you can see the names of several generations of your family! My most favorite part- how each tree is unique, not just because of the individual names, but because the shapes are all different when the trees are done.
I am pretty sure you make these with Photoshop- but of course, I don't have Photoshop- so it's Microsoft Word Publisher for me!! It will take you more time to do it on Word, but I can
share the steps to make your own  if you're interested- It will probably still involve some trial and error on your part.


  1. Get your family names and dates- they can be found at places like: Family Search {that's what I used}, Ancestry.com, Roots Web
  2. Open a new document- Select "Word Art." I used a few different shapes to create varied branch shapes.
  3. Once you like the shape of the name- DRAG it onto your desktop-I know it sounds crazy,  but you won't be able to manipulate the placement of the branch unless Word reads it as an image- instead of text. {Major bummer, right?}
  4. Open the word you just dragged onto you desktop, save it, copy it, and paste into your document.
  5. Now you can manipulate the name's placement: change its size, spin the angle, and place it where you would like it on the document. {Now just do that 5 million times}
  6. The leaves and and hearts are images I grabbed from freeshare sources. 
  7.  Print- it would be pretty on scrapbook paper, burlap, linen paper...

Oh- the order of the names! Well, that was a little tricky to figure out- so here's cheat sheet I made for you! This outta save you some serious time! {I know, you're welcome, you're welcome! ;) }

Obviously this project was time consuming with all the copying and dragging, but it was also free. Such is the life of a "HARD BALLER"
So, if you're a compulsive DIYer and can't stand to pay for something you can do- then this project is for you. Otherwise, go ahead and click on the link for the nice gal's Etsy shop- and you'll have you're self a family tree!

I think the fam was pretty happy with the results- in fact I'm getting some requests for more. You know, when I have a spare DAY to work on it! Ha!
P.S. Listening to Christmas carols and Ol' School 90's gangsta rap contributed to this theme.