August 29, 2011

✥ Antique Graphics & Faux Book Pages ✥

For these pieces of art, I did a variation of my rhino and zebra map art.
I thought it would be fun to print some images out of book pages. I was thinking the dictionary would be the perfect back drop.

I didn't want to sacrifice a book page, so I scanned the pages instead. I used books from our local library, a dictionary pages for "T" and "B."
Once I had a clear scanned image, I saved it as a pdf, then printed it off. {Psst-f you need to change the dimensions you'll be able to since you saved it as a pdf!}

When your pic is in jpeg form I was able to upload the images to Picnik. (I'm on that site pretty much every day, it's ridiculous!)
Anyhow, I played around with the contrast and exposure then sized the image.

Once I had my "book page," I printed it of.

Next, I hopped over to the Graphic Fairy and grabbed some vintage looking images. 

  Add the images to a Word doc. Now you can make them as big or small as you'd like. Also, make sure you use the rulers on the document to place the image where you'd want it to end up on the final book page.

That's it! Print'em off onto your new book page and you're good to go.
One of my main goals was to infuse some age into my wall. 

I didn't want everything to seem so freshly purchased and new looking. 
I hoping some aged elements will add interest and a collected feel to my space.
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