July 7, 2011

✥ 15 Ideas for DIY Canvas Art ✥

I have a few blank canvases laying around the house so I've been scouring Pinterest, blogs, and Google Images for inspiration. I was looking for a variety of different ways to use my canvases, different techniques to employee.
 That's one of the best things about canvas art, it's so versatile. I thought I'd share some of my finds with you all, so that you may find some *inspiration* too!

{Some of these upcoming ideas I LOVE, some I like, others aren't really for me. But isn't that the beautiful thing about design? There is something for everyone!}

(One) Stencil 

 Subway art is HUGE right now, well I guess it has been for over a year. But a canvas is an excellent way to make you own.
-click on images to find links-

One more {super-sized} stencil project for good measure. This time, typewriter typography meets canvas.  I love it!

(Two) Fabric

These canvases, as well as the many other fabric covered canvases, are some of the funnest and most impactful choices out there.  Unfortunately this gorgeous example is from a discontinued blog, but I love how they applied fabric to make the branches spread out from the center.

(Three)  Vinyl 

Vinyl Over Paint: 
This little baby made the feature rounds a few months back. It is an excellent example of what can be done with a little chevron+vinyl ingenuity. Love me some turquoise!

Vinyl Under Paint: 
Not only does this look amazing (I love me some graphic art) but it's also a Pottery Barn knock off! Didn't Jennifer do an awesome job? I can't even tell the difference between hers and PB's!

(Four) Maps

Just like covering the canvas with paper, but a little more interesting- well at least in my opinion! I super love the map art, whether it is trending or not. Like it, love it, want some more of it.
(Five) Paper 

I've seen quite a few versions of this project that have been framed in shadowboxes, but it looks just as cute in a canvas. This one was a sweet gift from a new mommy to her baby.


(Six) Newspaper

Do you love this? Are you sensing a theme in my choices? Obviously I have typography on the brain.
This is a West Elm copy and I am loving it too. Think I may be copying this little guy in the near future.

Tissue Paper 

This project has endless possibilities with all the different tissue papers out there. Then with the personalized monogram it's perfection!
(Eight) Newspaper & Vinyl

This is the best of both worlds, newsprint and vinyl. I love how the image is continues to the next canvas.

(Nine) Paint

This project was created using a projector to paint a deer image on top of a painted canvas. I am a little obsessed with using deer images in decor. I would probably buy this canvas I like it so much! I think she did a fantastic job!

(Ten) Toilet Paper Rolls

Look at this ingenuity! How many toilet paper rolls have you thrown away in your lifetime? Well not anymore! Check out this creative use for an object we throw away all the time. My mind is swirling with the shapes I could make!

(Eleven) Card Stock Under Paint

Wt a little more dimension on your canvas, but still looking for simplicity? This could be the way to go.



Paint & Image Transfer Technique

This was a fantastic idea! Tracy painted her canvas then used a Graphic Fairy image to recreate this Pottery Barn favorite. You'll have to check out how she used Mod Podge to transfer the image onto the canvas. 
So clever!

Scrapbook Paper

Here scrapbook paper is used to create a coordinated art grouping for a playroom.

Wrapping Paper

Along the same lines, wrapping paper was used here to wrap large canvases. The definite pro for this choice would be size. You'd be able to do much larger pieces of art, on a small budget, ad if you used a spray adhesive and varnished them they could look legit! 



And for our last idea, a strong finale from Sherri and John, making their own photo canvas. They saved a ton of money and will fill you in on the best adhesive for the job.

Oh yeah, and the project at the top- two Restoration Hardware Eye chart knock offs- that one was mine! SO I guess it was 16 DIY canvas art ideas! I used a poster and Mod Podge to make my art.
I hope these ideas get the creative juices going.