April 15, 2011

Tray Chic

I have this tray from Target- I believe it's 5 years old and was purchased on clearance at Target for maybe 9 bucks? I used to have it on an upholstered ottoman in case we needed somewhere to put drinks and such. Now I have it on a leather ottoman and together they act as a permanent side table.
Well, you really can't even see the tray, it blends completely into the ottoman.

So, I want to fix it up- make it stand out. I thought about painting it, but I'm not really a distressed wood kinda gal. I like the way it looks, but in my home I just like things to be a little cleaner looking. So I started online browsing for inspiration.

Here are some possibilities.

I'm thinking about a treatment on the bottom of the tray and keeping the sides the original brown.

My two favorites for this project are the map and the book pages Although I do love the orange chevron pattern one.

P.S. It's actually  a baking sheet and can be found on Martha Stewart Crafts. I'm thinking another project for another time!
  Back to this tray, I've already started browsing maps online and it looks like finding the right size may be a chore but the price is right as most are under 10 bucks on ebay!
I've also been searching Graphics Fairy for printable maps- they have quite a few options.

 - Becca -

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