April 18, 2011

"Like a Post-It Note for Wallpaper"

You all know I've been thinking about wallpaper alternatives for my bedroom. I've pretty much decided to do wall decals on a focal wall or two. 

But while doing some blog hopping today I came across this image from Isabella and Max. 

Don't you just love the interest and dimension the wallpaper adds? I'm pretty sure we've all seen grass cloth before. It was super popular in the 70's and has swing around to popular again in the last few years. 

I thought to my self, self- is there removable wall paper. I want/need/crave this texture in my home...can I have it?
The answer is- I'm not sure.
There IS repositional, removable, temporary wall paper!

Browsing around the Internet it seems there's quite a few options out there and most seem pretty pricey. The cheapest I could find came from Sherwin Williams and they have a ton of options. Most places are selling paper for upwards of 75 dollars a roll. At Sherwin Williams it's more like $20-30!

Unfortunately, I haven't found glass cloth. But there are option for every style preference and some that look textural. Check it out!

- Becca -

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