March 28, 2011

✥ Shopping for Parts ✥

Phase two of the headboard DIY project...the materials hunt!

 I  outlined the list of materials I was looking for.

I know I need fabric and a lot of it. Those of you who have purchased fabric know it can be really pricey. I did go through a few local fabric stores but could not bring myself to pay the large price tags for the thick velvet I already decided that I wanted. So I started browsing for curtain panels that worked into my color scheme. I figured this would save me quite a bit and would be exactly the right size I needed for my king size bed.

 curtain panel
The winning panel turned out to be from Target. It is the same brand as all the other linens I have on my bed- Fieldcrest Luxury. I liked a few of my options at other stores as well- most of my options came in at around 30 buckaroos. But the winning panel was on sale for $8, yes $8 dollars!! That's some serious savings! It was the same cream color as my bedsheets and bed skirt. Actually it has tonal striping that matches my damask striped sheets perfectly. Not that I am in love with matchy-matchy- but the sheets barely show with a made bed and I think it will be very pretty.
The next stop was Lowe's for the piece of wood. Some of the "how to's" online mentioned getting real wood for the headboard, while others went for a particle board. Of course I chose the cheaper particle board- the cost coming in at only 15 bucks.

I also picked up the french cleat that allows the headboard to slide into place on the wall and eliminates the need for legs. That was 15 dollars.

While at Lowe's I walked past the carpet padding and stopped mid stride. I has already priced out the cost of foam and knew it wasn't going to be cheap. So I had the gal quote me on a layer of their thickest carpet padding. The total came in under 20 bucks. So three birds with one stone!

Because the carpet padding is less "squishy" than the foam I wanted to put an extra layer of batting down. I had a coupon for the craft store and almost got two bags for the price of one. Sweet!

The last step was the nail head trim. I really wanted to buy local because I wanted to see the finished project the same day. I was outta luck. The only trim I could find where boxes of 24 nails and they didn't have the huge number I would need. So I had to buy online. I ended up with an ebay seller who took three weeks before popping my item in the mail. I could've killed him and wish I would've paid the extra DOLLAR  to get through a online store! This is when my "fruggle-ness" turns into cheap-ness and I could kick myself.

I choose the french natural color because it matched the pulls on the antique dressers. Although most the metal accents in my home are the more common brushed nickel.

If you're adding everything up you know I'm under 85 bucks for the project! 

Not bad, right? 

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