March 30, 2011

Diaper Cake

Originally I decided to do a tower of cupcakes for the centerpiece on the refreshment table. Then I saw this gorgeous photo and I decided that I need to have that as my centerpiece. That left me with a tower of cupcakes for one side of the table and a pitcher of branches for the middle. I really needed something else substantial to balance out the other side of the table. I was thinking a diaper cake would give good height and would double as a gift.

Now I know I'm going to make one, I just have to figure out how! I turned to the internet for ideas and inspiration.

This will be the inspiration "cake". There's a ton of different ones out there, but this is the look I'm going for. 
I like the how colorful it is, how there's no crazy toys hanging off and how you can't see the diapers. But I seriously wish I had a cricket, people!

I know I want to work in the theme stickers I've incorporated in so many other places and probably the pennant card stock as well. I'm certain I will be using the same ribbon again because  these choices will make for a cohesive table without adding any extra cost.

All this planning ahead of time helps me to find the best deals on materials and ensures the table will look awesome with just the right amount of refreshments and embellishments.

Really though, doesn't this seem like a of of extra work just because I fell in love with this centerpiece? But not once did I consider ditching this new idea!

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