April 13, 2014

Cutting Board Care

A long, long, time ago... well, maybe not that long ago, probably in 2006, my husband decided he wanted to make me an elaborate jewelry box for my birthday. He got online and looked for kits and somewhere along the way, he decided he could make it himself. His brother is a high-end cabinetmaker, so Zack went down to his shop to make a blueprint. Somewhere along this carpentry journey, my husband realized that he actually had zero ability to make the jewelry box. Instead, his brother Kyle helped him make something more inline with his skill set, and thus, I have these custom cherry cutting boards. Believe it or not, I actually like these cutting boards way more than a jewelry box. These gems get used way more frequently, but you actually have to maintain them. Read on for the tutorial. 

April 6, 2014

DIY [Faux] Roller Map

How are you, dear friends? Life is moving at a thousand miles an hour it seems like. I've been crazy busy with Weatherwood and sales, which is great news for a start up, but bad news for travels. I was looking at a map, checking out all the places I've been with my amazing husband Zack, and though I've been all over the U.S., down through the pacific, and on over to Europe, I've really come to realize that I haven't seen much of anything. Looking at the map, I sadly admit that I have only seen 10% of what's out there. The biggest take away from this post is that life is short. If there is some place you are thinking of going, some place you may have been, there's always more to see and little time to see it.

April 2, 2014

Dandelion Patina: Repurposed Bead Wall Art

bead wall art

It's April! I cannot believe how times flies and it's nearly Spring! Did you pull any awesome April Fool's jokes? Zack told a friend that our dear puppers were hit by a car, but then I felt we were bringing bad karma, even to joke about it! So we quickly reversed ourselves!! I guess the joke was on me! 
The beginning means it's time to welcome Michelle from Dandelion Patina back to share her fresh repurposing style! Michelle is now filling a consignment space with all her lovely furniture and decor makeovers, you'll have to stop by!

March 30, 2014

Faux Barn Wood [Bee Lieve] Sign

Have you noticed how barn wood is popping up everywhere? I was at the, "Awful Waffle" the other day and my husband was asking me, "Why barn wood was on the wall." He often asks me this when he spots it and recently he's been asking me this a lot. It's kind of funny since I invented a wood stain that makes normal wood look like barn wood in minutes. I suppose it makes pupper's insides look like barn wood, too, since Beau dog drank a bunch of it while I wasn't looking. On his outsides he looks normal, on his insides, I bet he he's a smashing gray. Anyways, I made this [faux] barn wood sign, so that's the tute for today!

March 26, 2014

Contributor: Always Never Done |
DIY Modern Milk Glass

Hello friends, I can't believe how great it is to be posting twice a week again and I have our super rad monthly contributors to thank for it! Today I am so excited to introduce you to our third monthly contributor, Amy from Always Never Done.  Amy is a girl after my own heart, she'll basically take on any project that strikes her fancy. I love it- furniture, crafts, tutorials or home improvement, she'll tackle it all. I know you'll love her personality, too. 

March 24, 2014

Tea Towel Pillow Cover | No Sew

I am a crazy huge window shopper, it's like a disease- I just can't get enough. I like to visually devour the eye candy, and then take that inspiration home to DIY my own version. I will look and look and look, without buying and I know that that drives Zack crazy, but at least it's not as crazy as the time my friend's husband sleepwalked a so-called, "pillow bomb" out the front door in the middle of the night to "save" his family. Ha! Ha! Ha! 

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