December 20, 2019

Explore San Marco Monastery in Florence

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I have been so excited to visit San Marco and we finally got the chance.💝This monastery was financially sponsored by the Medici (due to their guilt over usery- i.e. moneylending.)💰 Once the monastery was sponsored, they selected one of their friars to fresco the building. 

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Nearly every fresco was by the hand of this Friar Angelico.👨🏻‍🎨 The main entry contains frescoes, as does each and every friars’ room. 😅You can see the evolution of his art and style throughout the building. This is early renaissance art, 1440’s, so 50ish years before Michelangelo was working. I love Friar Angelico’s colors & expressions. You'll see, he was ahead of his time. 

Wasn't that gorgeous? My few photos hardly do it justice! I hope you'll be able to go and see for yourself.

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