November 1, 2019

The Fabulous Pitti Palace in Florence

Pictures from the Pitti Palace! Probably my favorite museum name - because isn’t it fun to say? The architecture in the Pitti Palace is a-may-zing!! This is the tapestry hall. Che Bella!

The back of the palace looks out over the Boboli Gardens. This is one of three palaces in Florence owned by the same family, the Medicis. Maybe you've seen one of the historical dramas on the powerful family?  I can just imagine the Medici family walking around these ornate halls. 

There's Zack, standing awe-struck in front of Lippi's amazing work. and all around him, works from RAFAEL, Lippi, Botticelli & other renaissance greats! 😍 

The Uffizi gallery is so well know, but if you're going to Florence, you will for sure want to see the Pitti Palace Gallery, too!

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