March 22, 2021

Shooting in a Short Film in Agrigento, Italy

When Becca and I were in Sicily last year, we were deeply inspired by the story of St Agatha, the patron Saint of Catania. I have been working on a screen play for Agatha ever since and in June we started filming a short film in the most gorgeous location, Agrigento, Italy. 

Here's the scoop on St Agatha. She is a truly incredible woman and was an early Christian martyr from 251 AD. She was a beautiful 15 year old young woman who consecrated her life to Christ. However, the Roman prefect, Quintianus, believed he loved her. He pursued her all over Sicily and when she turned him down he became enraged. He had her thrown into a brothel to remove her virtue. When she still refused his overtures, he had her tortured, removed her breasts with pinchers, and thrown in jail without medical treatment. 

That evening in her jail cell, she was visited by the Apostle Peter who healed her wounds and restored her breasts. Restored, Agatha was brought in front in Quintanus once more. He flew into a rage and determined she would be tortured by rolling her over hot coals and glass. When this evil act ensued, Mt Etna began to roar and caused an earthquake. The people pled for Agatha to be released. Badly injured, Agatha prayed her spirit be released. You can see the photo above from the artifacts room, that houses relics and is dedicated to Agatha in her cathedral. 

On February 3-5 each year 100,000 people travel to Catania to celebrate St. Agatha, her sacrifice and her miracles. They often partake of this Minne di Sant'Agata, a typical Sicilian sweet desert shaped as a breast, representing the cut breasts of Saint Agatha. Her actual remains are in a church just across the town square. You are left with an impression that these people lived and walked where I am living and walking! You will love Zack's film on Agatha's life and I am thrilled to be involved. Can't wait to share updates, as this project moves forward! 

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Zachary Lovelady