November 27, 2019

Maple Desk and Built-Ins

Weatherwood stains are a great choice for maple! It stains up to be the perfect grey and you can still see the wood grain! You will find maple for cabinets and floors because it's such a hard wood. That's why we choose it for this project and you'll love how easy it was to do!



1.] SAND : Presand wood with 80 grit, if you want a finer sand you can sand up to 120 without worrying about closing up the grain again.

2.] STAIN: I used Weatherwood Reclamation stain to naturally weather the slab. Just brush on the stain and let it air dry. The wood changes color as it dries. 

If you slab isn't maple, that's fine. Just find your wood species on the Weatherwood Color Chart and see what weathered colors it could turn.

3.] SEAL: Use Weatherwood Varnish to seal over Weatherwood stains. Brush or spray on 2-3 coats for superior protection

Did you have any questions? This whole project was completed in just one day. Isn't that awesome? Who doesn't want to get onto their next project faster? Don't forget to grab the Weatherwood discount code: WELCOME10! See you at the party tomorrow!

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