November 8, 2019

Incredible Hospital of the Innocents in Florence

The hospital of the Innocents! πŸ‘Ά  I have been itching to tour this place and the day finally came. This building started as a hospital in the 1400’s, but quickly became an orphanage for the unwanted. πŸ’” At its peak, 1000 kids were brought in a year. It's so heart breaking to think about all those unwanted babies. They even had a window where you could drop your baby off anonymously- which seems quite modern and sad, to me. 

The top floor used to be the children’s bedrooms but now it’s a gallery showcasing the hospital’s art collection. πŸ–Ό They collected a lot of Madonna art pieces, as it went with their mission. πŸ‘ΌπŸ» Their “best” art piece is an early work by Botticelli and I’m obsessed with the little angel in it!

Most of the artwork on the rooms was done by one friar, Friar Angelico. I really loved his use of color and the expression. Seeing all that work by one person in one location, it was also interesting to watch his talent grow. A very dedicated artist.

I hope you liked the tour! xo

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