October 2, 2019

Cerused Oak Side Tables

Caio, friends! Hope you're well today! Sharing this super hot look has been for furniture, floors, really any wood surface. The white wood grain is called "ceruse" and it can be done on raw wood or over our stains. But it definetly works best on deep grain wood, like this oak. 


  • Unstained furniture piece (can be new wood or stripped)
  • Sand paper and palm sander
  • Weatherwood Varnish


1.] SAND
Begin with either new wood or strip previously finished tabletop. Start with a rough grit with a 120 grit.

Use Weatherwood Stain's White Maintenance Oil to add a beautiful white washed patina. You can see the a piece of wood in the video below, where I added the White Oil patina. This look is extremely popular right now and very beautiful. To use the Maintenance Oil, simply wipe or brush the Oil on, wait 5-7 minutes, and then wipe it back off. You can see below, it highlights the grain rather than diminishing it. It just adds that sun-kissed pop!

Allow for the Maintenance Oil to cure. Then seal the table with 2-3 coats of Weatherwash Varnish. For this look, use Dead Flat.

You can use any paint to paint the base of your furniture. However this piece was previously finished wood so a chalk based furniture paint was the best solution for time and durability. For this one, Pearl Coatings 1 -Step Furniture Paint in "BRITE" was an excellent fit. 

If you'd like to see more furniture makeovers with the white washed look, here's a gorgeous Nautical Desk Makeover! [link]

Using #WeatherwoodStains you can get this look!

Piece of pie, piece of cake! And don't forget to SAVE 10% on all Weatherwood projects with code: WELCOME10
I hope to see you tomorrow at our party! 

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