September 22, 2019

Morning Walk to San Miniato al Monte in Florence

Our morning walk took us to San Miniato al Monte- a fabulous old church from around 300 AD! ⛪️ This church sits high on the hill on the outskirts of Florence. We have seen it’s gold mosaic gleaming all the way down the hill and couldn’t wait to check this beauty out. 😱

You have to climb SEVERAL lights stairs up the side of the hill but it's totally worth it. Just check out these views! The entire city is laid out in front of you. We have to go back on a clearer day, it was a touch hazy. 

This ancient church houses has the oldest Christian cemetery 💀 with early Christian Martyr- Saint Miniato - buried there. 😇 The story goes that Saint Miniato was beheaded by the presiding Roman prefect, then he picked up his head and carried it up the hill to the cemetery! The author of Pinnocchio is also buried there.

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