August 14, 2019

Herringbone Reclaimed Oak Hack & Santuario Scala Santa, Rome

This was quite the experience! πŸ’œπŸ’™ According to Catholic tradition, these are the Holy Stairs from Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem. They are the stairs Jesus Christ stepped on his way to trial during his Passion. ✝️  
The Stairs were brought to Rome by Saint Helena, or Emperor Constantine’s mother, in the fourth century. 

Pilgrims have a traveled to see the stairs for centuries, and they go up on their knees, while praying one prayer per stair. The marble is uneven with deep grooves work out from shoes! πŸ˜± The journey up the staircase takes about 10-12 minutes.

 We launched a new wood stain color a while back, but I finally have some photos to share! This stain is Restoration and it  will turn most wood types a warm, rustic brown.



1] SAND: To achieve this look, start with a raw wood surface.
The wood must be sanded, you can have it sent through a large sanding machine at the mill or you can sand it really well with a hand sander. You should start with 80 grit and then 120 grit. (You can do a finish sand at the end, at 220 or above.)

2] STAIN: Applying the Restoration stain is like a piece of cake, read "even easier than typical stains." 
Using a large brush and drench the wood with stain. (See above video, also shown on oak.) Let the wood air dry for 60 minutes.

3] DARKEN: Applying the Weatherwood Clear Maintenance Oil application is just like your typical wood stain application. You brush or wipe it onto wood, allow 5-10 minutes for it to penetrate, then wipe of excess.
Allow to cure 48 hours.

4.] SEAL: If your project is on a high traffic or water area, you will want to let the OIL cure for 48 hours, then seal overtop with 2-3 coats of Weatherwood Varnish, allowing 30 minutes between coats.

If you love this color, it's also gorgeous for furniture! Like this Rustic Restoration Table 

The texture on this oak just makes the color POP, don't you think? This stain will turn most wood species this shade. Don't forget, blog readers save 10% on all Weatherwood products with code: WELCOME10. See you tomorrow at the party!

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