August 21, 2019

Cedar Farmhouse Table & Santa Croce Church in Florence

I had to visit the famous old church called Santa Croce because my fav guy Michelangelo is buried there.🎨 But there was so, so much awesomeness happening!!

St Frances started this particular church ⛪️ & monastery for the Franciscan monks that follow him. The monks still have a leather shop here. 👜 The church is from 1200’s and has famous frescos from the early renaissance greats! Amazing!👨🏻‍🎨 


And Michelangelo’s not the only guy buried here. 

 He is accompanied by Dante, Galileo & Machiavelli. Even Florence Nightengale has a memorial here, as she is also from Florence. What an incredible city to have so many huge figures from history. There must be something in the water!

This week's project is one of my favorite looks, an easy breezy farmhouse table! This one is made of cedar.


  • Red Cedar 
  • Sandpaper (80 grit) 
  • Atomized Sprayer or Sponge Brush


1.] STAIN 
When the wood is stripped down to raw wood, you can use an atomized gun to apply your stain. First, strain your stain and then you can pour it into your atomized gun. You'll want to spray it on the wood in overlapping motions, making sure to drench the wood. 

For stain we choose Salvage stain from Weatherwood. This will give you a light weathered look, light grays and warm tones.  The wood will dry in about 30 minutes, see in the below video.


Use Weatherwood Varnish to protect the color and the wood. We recommend applying 2-3 coats, like the professionals. 

Didn't the color turn out dreamy? The process could not be easier. Do not forget readers save 10% with code: WELCOME10. If you have any  questions, leave'm in the comments below and I will see you tomorrow at the party!
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