April 24, 2019

Salvaged-Looking Porch Swings & Easter in Roma

When we planned this year abroad, we made sure we would be in Roma for Easter. Easter or Pasqua is Italia's biggest holiday. They have pilgrims travel to the country from all over the world to see the holy sites and to meet the Pope (Il Papi!) And believe me, Rome does not disappoint. Two weeks ago this place was pretty dead and now the museums and churches are packed with people. 

Friday we went to see the Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum. The Pope will stand there the cross is at the old Roman Forum. The people are all gathered in front of the 2,000 year old Colosseum. I've been reading this book called Martyrs of the Colosseum, which I highly recommend.

It's an amazing site to see all these Christians gathered where previously Christians were tortured to death for a religion contrary to pagan beliefs, in front of a building that spilt marry blood, it's all pretty surreal. The service is in Italian and we are still learning that, and we aren't Catholic, but I have to say I would recommend this experience. 

All 1M of us gathered in front of the Colosseum. Many Catholics had a book of prayers with them, which they read from throughout the service. I saw more nuns and priests there then ever in my life! and the Catholic Church has become a melting pot of ethnicity! I'm not sure what the 9 stations are, but they reading progressed, you can see a video of a cross which was carried from the back to the top of the hill for each station the the service. 

What a cool experience! I hope you can go one day. This week we had a client build these fantastic Douglas fir bench swings and they came to us looking for a product to create a mix of browns and greys. Salvage stain is our "go to" for Douglas fir because it does just that. 



The wood should be new or stripped down to raw wood, you can use a sponge brush to apply your stain. Apply a generous coat of stain and allow it to air dry. The wood should be intermixed greys and browns when it's dry. 

Seal with 2 coats of Weatherwood Exterior Waterproofer to protect wood and color. Make sure you seal any exposed edges or cracks in the wood. 

I'm feeling ready to make my own, aren't you! That finish is just gorgeous! See more beautiful pieces in our gallery [ here ]! Don't forget you can save 10% on Weatherwood products with code: WELCOME10. See you tomorrow at the party!!

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