March 13, 2019

EASY Barnwood Wall & Pompeii ART

We took around 1000 photos of Pompeii. I was shocked at the size of it, reading about the city in history books, you cannot comprehend the scale. The ruins are 80 hectares and it took us four days to explore everything. The customer services gals said most Americans get 2-3 hours there. 

A lot of the best frescoes have been safely moved to nearby museums, which we did go see. But seeing them in their original location is much, much cooler. You can imagine the people of Pompeii living with these vivid colors and all their Gods.

It's the same with the art, the original bronzes were moved to the Museo Nazionale di Napoli. We are staying about a 5 minute walk from this museo. We were fortunate to spend several days in the museum, looking over these ancient creations. 

I love the dog mosaic made of marble, of course. The sign above the door in this home read, "Beware the Dog." And still today, many "cane" roam Pompeii.

It rained all  four days we were there. We shot a ton of footage, but this ridiculous parka video is a favorite! lol For this week's project, we have an installed cedar tongue and groove wall, then we went over it with 2 different reactive stains, varying placement to create a super rad and easy barnwood look.


If you need instructions on applying wood to a wall or ceiling, check out this tutorial on installing DIY Barnwood Shiplap Wall.

STAIN: Salvage and Reclamation stain were applied for this look. You can see in the above video, the stain was applied with a brush haphazardly to create a realistic multi-tonal barnwood look. 

Didn't the wall turn out dreamy? Don't forget you can save 10% on all Weatherwood products with code: WELCOME10.
 If you have any  questions, leave'm in the comments below. 

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