February 20, 2019

Perfect Barnwood Mirror & Valentine's Day in Napoli

Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day! Zack & I enjoyed a typical, late (10pm) Valentine’s Day dinner in the city of Naples. ❤️ For special occasions, Italian restaurants typically present a pre-set menu. We ordered the Terra (or Land) menu. 

HOWEVER- The first course of our pre-set menu was “Carpaccio de Manza” or raw beef!! 🥩 It was already so late & I was starving. And so, I reasoned Italians have been feeding people for thousands of years and they’re famous for this! And we were here to try new things.

Big mistake! Two days of food poisoning has been the unhappy result. Zack was both less adventurous and smarter- he only took a bite and was far less ill. 
Win some, lose some! 😝

Please let me know what you'd like to see from Italy, so I can be sure to cover it! 
This week's project is simple but rewarding. Turning an Ikea or Walmart mirror into a custom "barnwood" one is a simple and easy update!


  • Weatherwood's Reclamation Stain- Discount code at end!
  • Wood- this was hickory
  • Pencil
  • Miter Saw or Equivalent
  • Router & Edge Guide or Table Saw
  • Titebond Glue


1.] WOOD: Figure out how much wood you will need. This is a great project for your scrap wood pile, if you have one. We used leftover hickory but inexpensive 2x from Depot would work, too.

2.] Measure your lengths and mark your 45 degree angles for cutting.

3.] Rabbet is the cut that allows your picture to inset, this is done with a router and edge guide or table saw.
4.] Cut your miters, the 45 degree angles to fit your frame together.

4.] STAIN: I stained the wood before I cut it, but I would recommend waiting until after you make your cuts. You can see a before and after with Reclamation stain, you just brush it on and let it air dry naturally to achieve the barnwood look.

5.] GLUE: I used titebond wood glue to glue up my frame corners.

 Isn't she pretty! Perfetly rustic, but oh-so-simple! And don't forget, all blog readers can save 10% on Weatherwood products with discount code: WELCOME10! xo
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