December 19, 2018

Ombre Cedar Dresser Using Stain & St Agatha's Cathedral

I cannot believe it's almost Christmas, can you? Although it's hard to be away from family, it's incredibly cool to be spending the holiday in this ancient country! Around every turn it seems you find an ancient artifact or relic. Here each city has its main church in the town center. And in the town of Catania, on the island of Sicily, there's the Cathedral of St Agatha

St Agatha is a truly incredible woman and was an early Christian martyr from 251 AD. She was a beautiful 15 year old young woman who consecrated her life to Christ. However, the Roman prefect, Quintianus, belived he loved her. He pursed her all over Sicily and when she turned him down he became enraged.

He had her thrown into a brothel to remove her prudity. When she still refused his overtures, he had her tortured, removed her breasts with pinchers, and thrown in jail without treatment. That evening in her jail cell, she was visited by the Apostle Peter who healed her wounds and restored her breasts. 

Restored, Agatha was brought in front in Quintanus one more. He flew into an rage and determined she would be tortured by rolling her over hot coals and glass. When this evil act ensued, Mt Etna began to roar and caused an earthquake. The people pled for Agatha to be released. Badly injured, Agatha prayed her spirit be released. You can see the photo above from the artifact room, that houses relics and is dedicated to Agatha in her cathedral.

On February 3-5 each year 100,000 people travel to Catania to celebrate St. Agatha, her sacrifice and her miracles. They often partake of this Minne di Sant'Agata, a typical Sicilian sweet shaped as a breast, representing the cut breasts of Saint Agatha. Her actual remains are in a church just across the town square. You are left with an impression that these people lived and walked where I am living and walking!

One of our favorite clients, Chelsea from Apple Blossom Way, created this ombre masterpiece and I thought we would enjoy the inspiration.



The top and drawer fronts were stripped of their existing finish.

The top and drawer fronts were then stained with Weatherwood Reclamation stain, but you can use any of them  on cedar. 
We brushed on a heavy coat of stain and let the wood air dry. Depending on the red cedar you have, the color result will be anything from brown to dark gray to gray and brown mixture, because the tannin in cedar varies so much. You can see it working below.

To create the ombre effect, you can darken or lighten the drawer starting lighter at the top.Because Weatherwood products are compatible with traditional products you can use regular stains to darken. Chelsea used Minwax's Jacobean stain to darken.

To lighten, we recommend Weatherwood White Maintenance Oil. You can also  dry brush some on to lighten here and there to create the look of being sunkissed.

Paint the box of the dresser with your favorite one step paint, like Pearl 1-Step Furniture Paints.

Hardware is sprayed in bronze and dry brushed with white to match.

Looking for more cedar inspiration? Turn off the shelf wood into barnwood- tutorial here.

Hope your holidays are filled with love, light, and laughter. From my family to yours! 

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