November 7, 2018

DIY "Barnwood" Garage Doors

Yup! We are on our way to ITALY! Can you believe it? We plan to spend the year traveling the country bottom to top- and I hope to speak fluent Italian when it's all said and done. What an incredible experience and I hope you guys will cheer me on. We start our journey for 3 days in Rome, just to get adjusted, then we will travel via train to Catania where we'll be for a few weeks. 

So this week's project is amazing! Kimberly from Serendipity Refined turned her cedar garage doors into gorgeous "Barnwood" using Reclamation Stain in 3 super easy steps!


To open up the wood grain intricate projects like doors and cabinets we often recommend using denatured alcohol first. You can get this at any big box store. This works like a toner for your skin, opening up the wood grain. Just brush or spray it on and allow it to air dry.

These doors were stained using Reclamation stain from Weatherwood. Just brush or spray it on and watch the magic happen as the wood ages naturally. Allow to air dry 60 minutes for applying topcoat. Check it out for yourself in the above video.

Once the wood is dry, it's ready for a topcoat. You can seal exterior projects with an Exterior Waterproofer, this one from Weatherwood holds the colors perfectly. Apply Exterior generously making sure to cover all the edges and imperfections. Allow to dry overnight and apply one more coat, the next day. Now you should be a-ok for 5 years!

I hope you'll hop over and follow Kimberly from Serendipity Refined! She has the best taste and is in the middle of a home remodel so there's lots of great projects!

If you liked these cedar doors, you'll love this cedar shiplap project! Red Cedar into Barnwood Walls. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see you tomorrow for the party.
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